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If I could give one thing to each person who learns to craft with me, it would be to catch my excitement about being creative along with having the skills to do so.

Here, you can connect with a community of like-minded people and be creative in a 'safe space'.

One of my mottos is 'Expression not perfection'. I teach to attain a high standard of crafting but at the heart of craft is expressing yourself and working with you for your own goals

Connecting, or reconnecting, with your creativity helps relieve stress, gives you freedom of expression, makes you more resourceful, leads you towards authenticity and self-awareness, teaches you problems-solving, can save you money, and you can make thoughtful gifts for family and friends

Using your hands to ‘make’ connects your mind, body, and spirit in activity which, when you are ‘in the zone’ where time seems to stand still and nothing else matters, is almost meditative.

The other motto I have is
  'Anyone can be creative, and everyone should be!' 

Creativity is there inside you
We just need to give you space and support to reach it.

Join in on your own, with family members, or with your friends – everyone is very welcome.

Join a community of like-minded creative crafters to develop your own creative heart and for mutual support in living a fulfilling, creative life
You may not think you have any creative genes, but with support and encouragement you can have fun and enjoy finding your creativity. 

You will learn new skills and continue crafting with confidence
Learn a new craft  or update your skills in friendly, small groups. Relax in the company of like-minded crafters as everything is provided for your workshop - including the clearing up!
Our craft supplies have as little plastic in the contents and packaging as is possible - most have no plastic at all. 
I keep waste to a minimum and recycle, reuse or repurpose as much as possible. 
I show you how to use materials from your home too.
Bulk buying craft materials helps us to reduce packaging - and the packaging which cannot be avoided when buying craft materials is recycled or repurposed where ever possible.
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