The Ultimate Guide to Container Candle Making
What You Will Learn From This Self-Progress Video Course:

Fuss-Free Handmade Candles: 
How to make beautiful fragranced candles at home in 8 easy steps

This Online Video Course is complete with full colour downloadable PDF instructions 
'The Ultimate Guide to Making Container Candles' 
And I have some bonus information for you too which will help you make great candles safely and easily.

There are 8 video modules which shows you how to make fuss-free Container Candles in 8 Easy Steps plus:

 * Guide to equipment and supplies, 
* Advice on troubleshooting
* Health and safety Guide
* Where to start if you want to begin selling candles (advice for UK only).

The 8 steps in the modules are:

How to prepare your candle container to prevent problems later
How to measure your solid wax to get the exact amount of liquid wax for your container
Melting wax correctly to avoid bubbles
How to add colour to get the shade you want
How to add fragrance safely 
Perfect wax pouring
Securing your wick to avoid drooping
Trimming your wick to get the most burning time from your candle

Added Extras:

* Checklist for what you need to get started (equipment & supplies)
* Health and safety guide – How to handle fragrances safely
* Troubleshooting – most problems can be fixed with just these 3 things
* Thinking of starting a handmade candle business from home? Where to start with legal labelling requirements (UK only)

Let me take you through the process, step by step so you can get started with making your own beautiful, fragranced container candles!

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